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Dr Manish Joshi - Gallbladder Stone Doctor in Bangalore

Dr. Manish Joshi

Senior Consultant - Surgical Gastroentrologist
Qualification : 
MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery), MRCS (Edinburgh),
DNB - Surgical Gastroenterology
Dr. Manish Joshi is one of the leading Gallbladder stone doctor in Bangalore. His motto is "Patient Comes First".
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Dr. Roopa Bhushan

Senior Consultant - Surgical Gastroentrologist
Qualification : 
MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery), 
DNB - Surgical Gastroenterology
Dr. Roopa Bhushan is one of the best lady gallbladder stones doctor in bangalore. Gallstones are more common in females and if you would like to consult with a lady doctor, Dr Roopa Bhushan is your go to choice.
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DrRoopaBhushan-Lady-Best Gallbladder Stones doctor in bangalore
Dr.Rajesh B M

Dr. Rajesh B.M

Consultant - Surgical Gastroentrologist
Qualification : 
MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery),
DNB - Surgical Gastroenterology
Dr. Rajesh B.M. is a trained super-specialist in surgical gastroenterology. He has done multiple gallbladder surgeries in Bangalore. 
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Dr. Shashikiran B D

Consultant - Surgical Gastroentrologist
Qualification : 
MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery),
MCh - Surgical Gastroenterology
Dr. Shashikiran is a trained super-specialist in surgical gastroenterology. He has done multiple gallbladder surgeries in Bangalore. 
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Dr Shashikiran B D

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Our Doctors are available at below locations

Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital - Bannerghata Road

One of the most advanced hospitals in Bangalore.
Its a 220 bedded multi-specialty hospital. 
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Fortis Hospital - Bannerghata Road

Trustwell Hospitals - J.C.Road

Trustwell hospital is a 200 bedded multi-specialty hospital located in the center of Bengaluru. 
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Mrs. Kiran Devi admitted under Dr. Manish Joshi and Team with stomach pain and diagnosed gall bladder stone got operated laparoscopic gall bladder removal without any complications. We are satisfied with treatment. We would like to refer patients to him in future.
Manoj Dugar
Dr. Manish Joshi, is a Great Doctor, who listens to your problem very patiently, and takes care of all those problem instilling a huge confidence in you that everything will be ok from here onwards. He is very encouraging and positive person who's always uplifting the patient with his talks and clear explanations. He is an expert Surgeon and I would highly recommend him to all those are looking for Gastrointestinal consultation. I would like to thank him for the great care he and his team took of me during my gallbladder treatment.
Gopal Bhawal

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Liver produces a juice called bile which is used for digestion. Additional bile produced by liver gets stored in gallbladder and when this bile crystallizes, it forms stones. This is called gallstones. Gallstones size varies from a grain of sand to a small pebble to a golf ball. 

Most people do have gall stones and often gallstones goes unnoticed. The problem arises when it starts accumulating more and more mass and starts to cause pain and discomfort. At this stage, consulting a Surgical Gastroenterologist is recommended. 
If you have gallstones, but do not have any symptoms or pain, no intervention is required except to monitor the gallstones when you do your ultrasound as part of your annual health check-up.

But if you have symptoms like pain in the upper right stomach/chest which can go all the way to pain in upper back along with associated vomiting, nausea, indigestion, bloating, heartburn etc., you should immediately consult with a surgical gastroenterologist for appropriate treatment.

Your doctor will understand your case and provide appropriate treatment plan. Surgery is the option used for permanent solution of gallbladder stones.

If you have a severe case of gallstones, it can lead to other complications as well.
Once the gallbladder is removed, bile flows directly from the liver into your small intestine, rather than being stored in the gallbladder. Your ability to digest food remains unaffected by removal of gallbladder and patients can live a normal life without a gallbladder.
Traditionally surgeons used to perform open surgery, by making a 6 inches cut on your abdomen area and then remove the gallbladder. This meant a lot of blood loss, pain, longer healing time, higher risk of infection etc.

Laparoscopic surgery is the latest and advanced technique where the surgeon makes 3 to 4 tiny holes around the patients abdomen. They then insert a instrument called laparoscope which also has a video camera. The surgeon looks into the TV monitor and then conducts the surgery. Advantages of this minimal invasive technique are that there is small or negligible cut, less blood loss, faster recovery, short hospital stay, less risk of infection, etc.

At Dr.Gallstones, all our surgeons are experts in laparoscopic surgery of GallBladder Stones.
Most of our patients stay from 24 - 48 hours in the hospital. A few patients with co-morbidities like diabetes, BP, low immunity, etc. may stay for an additional 1 more day.
Our doctors and physiotherapist will ensure that you start walking within a few hours after the surgery. Most of our patients are able to carry out their basic activities in 24 hours. By the time of discharge they are able to comfortably walk. For any discomfort, appropriate medicines are prescribed by our doctors prior to discharge. Most of the patients ( especially without any comorbidities) should be able to perform all normal activities within 3-4 days. By end of 1 week the patient will feel better and confident. Perfect normalcy like before will be reached 2-4 weeks after surgery. Do & Don't will be advised by the doctors.

Disclaimer : Results depends from case to case basis, above is a broad guideline.
As with all surgeries, a Laparoscopic cholecystectomy carries a small risk of complications including:
1. Bile leak
2. Bleeding
3. Infection
4. Injury to nearby structures, such as the bile duct, liver and small intestine
5. Risks of general anesthesia, such as blood clots and pneumonia
6. Risk also depends on other complications / diseases a patient may have (like diabetes, BP, Heart issue, etc.)
Yes, we have good options for both, insurance patients and non-insurance (cash) patients. Please contact us for further details.
The cost of gallbladder stone varies depending on whether you have an insurance or not, depending on which type of hospital room you prefer ( general ward / semiprivate / private room ). It also depends other diseases you have like diabetes, BP, Heart issues, etc.  Our doctors will understand your case and provide you with an estimate.

Usually laparoscopic gallbladder surgery can cost from Rs.80K to 1.5 lacs. (This is indicative).

At Dr.Gallstones, it is our endeavor to provide you with the best possible option for your treatment. Do give us a call to discuss your individual requirement. 
If you are from electronic city, or Bannerghata Road, Kanakpura road, Banashankri area, you can book an appointment with our doctors at Fortis Hospital, Bannerghata Road.

If you are from whitefield, sarjapura road, Krishnarajpuram, Kalyan nagar or Hebbal, you can visit our doctors at Trustwell hospitals on J.C. Road or visit our clinic at Richmond circle. 

We working to add more options soon.


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